We help our clients explore their most relevant assets.


Our comprehensive understanding of employee needs allows us to achieve an ideal balance between productivity and positivity. The outcomes are best principles for building, refurbishing, and reimagining your future workspace.

We have partnered with a diverse group of innovators in both the public and private sector that are committed to the wellbeing of both their employees and the environment. Our diverse clientele includes real estate developers, construction companies, architects, and planners.

“World Office Forum (WOF) finds the SSO approach to sustainability in offices completely in line with users’ needs […] WOF fully supports SSO in terms of dissemination, knowledge and best practices for office users and owners.”

Jorge Zanoletty Larrea, President of World Office Forum

We help our clients identify their office DNA.


People matter. We spend more than 80% of our lives indoors, of which approximately 90,000 hours in the office.

That is why we start with people and put them at the centre of our design process. By identifying your Office-DNA by Furbish®, we can develop custom solutions based on a rigorous analysis of the individual working patterns and preferences of your employees. We build spatial modules that expertly combine form and function to support your business, ensuring optimal workflow and comfort. Throughout the design cycle we continuously observe and adapt to your unique working environments.

We help our clients go green.


Buildings are central to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and resource consumption (up to 40% on a European level). Optimising office space helps our clients to minimise rental costs and adapt to the reality of land competition in dense urban areas. Innovative solutions in the work environment are essential to reducing environmental impact and social inequity.

We lead you through innovation, by introducing cutting edge technology and offering new ideas. Through our partnerships, we do the work of spreading innovation, from person to person, from companies to the world.

We help our clients foresee.

Making room for the future

Our experience in the office market has shown that buildings with flexibility and an integrated ability to adapt are much more attractive to tenants. This responsive approach is essential to meeting the evolving needs of a business while allowing for growth over time. This advantage not only attracts new businesses but also serves and supports the development of existing tenants ready for a transformation.

We help you attract and secure the highest quality of tenants through our comprehensive interior proposals that provide 3D visualisation, 3D design, and CAD/BIM for quantification and analysis.

We help our clients sharpen their profile.

Making a difference

Offices are more than just places we go to work. They are the places where we make our first impressions and often signify our ideals to clients and prospective employees.

Our partnership will help showcase your company ethos by creating an environment that attracts new talent while growing relationships with existing customers, all by highlighting your shared values. We go beyond a one-size- fits-all approach and provide a custom-made solution that carefully considers your organisation’s philosophy and working patterns.

We will help you to outwardly project and internally embody your intrinsic corporate ecology. We will help you to make a difference.

We help our clients on their way.


We offer a holistic perspective rooted in our scientifically approved methodology to address the needs of both ecology and economy. By working together and focusing on human needs, we will realise high spirits, environmental savings and economic wins at the same time.

“[…]As staff costs represent approximately 90% of an organisation’s costs (WGBC), there’s real potential to enhance staff performance through workplace design. The SSO app on smartphones empowers users to track and rate their workplace environment. This new world has the potential to create legal challenges and pressure landlords to write-in indoor qualities into leases. Breaches could have big impacts on asset values and reputation, thanks to SSO by Furbish® – developed with the support of Climate KIC[…].”

Sean Lockie, Climate-KIC, Urban Transitions Director

We help our clients profit.

Making wins for all

We strive to optimise your space and resources to ensure increased energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gases, and promote a greener world. We work to reduce overall spending by lowering life cycle costs. We strive to generate higher profits by increasing staff retention and productivity and reducing the need for sick leaves.

We will show you the road to success.

We strive to provide employee satisfaction and a happier life through engagement, creativity, and a balanced workplace.