We will keep you healthy.


We gather the hard and soft facts of your particular premises, both quantitatively and qualitatively. Using our one-of-a-kind SSO by Furbish® database on the indoor environmental qualities of offices, we guarantee to meet your needs and to turn them into your specific solution, providing comfort and health.

Our scientific model

“Offices account for 26% of total energy usage in Europe, with over 50 million people spending their work lives in these environments. The result is large amounts of unoccupied space, high employee stress levels, lower productivity, and increased life cycle costs.”

Holger Wallbaum, Furbish®

We will give you insights.


Using our scientifically approved SSO by Furbish® model, we build our work on proven independent ground, not on beliefs. All the data we gather is anonymised and aggregated, processed by scientific algorithms, and triangulated using our unique database. We are respecting people and always acting with integrity. After a rigorous analysis by our multidisciplinary team of experts, we compile a comprehensive report.

We will move you forward.


In collaboration with you, we dig deeper and examine what’s under the surface. Our recommendations will illustrate specific benefits that can be gained before any design and implementation begins. Everything we do is based in the collaboration of knowledge. The result is an aesthetically striking design that increases productivity while achieving superior indoor environmental quality and sustainability.

Your advancement is our success.

We will work to achieve your goals. As partners, we can realise designs from the ground up or retrofit an existing work environment.