We help our clients go from strength to strength.


The SSO by Furbish® office planning and assessment toolbox aims to support planning as well as decision-making and provides assessments of progress over time. Our model creates a space where we can work with you to contribute and benefit as both partners and clients.

Our method

“SSO by Furbish® has its foundation in research funded by the Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation (KTI). Our joint collaboration with leading consultants and customers in office world, such as Zürcher Kantonalbank (ZKB), Credit Suisse and Ernst Basler + Partner lead to new insights on how to make offices a better working experience. For Facility Management, this is really a step further towards more sustainable work places.”

Prof. Lukas Windlinger, Nachhaltigebueros.ch, IFM ZHAW

We help our clients to become resilient.

Making it flexible and reusable

Our method allows each workspace to be custom-built to meet your current needs and adaptable to evolve with your company. The resulting office design will be specially fitted to your needs and adapted to your future changes.

Our process

“As architects it's crucial to support our work with relevant research and knowledge in order to create true value for our clients. With the SSO technology we see great potential in understanding human needs and behaviour on a new level when designing future office environments.”

Janica Wiklander, Head of Tengbom architects, Gothenburg

We help our clients to get the entire picture.


According to our SSO by Furbish® model, we incorporate qualitative usage analysis with innovative building technologies and systems to create a completely customized work environment. Certification schemes, along with ambitious regulations, encourage the construction of more energy efficient buildings but regularly leave a performance gap. Filling that gap requires a trusted solution emanated from a scientifically validated methodology. Through our circular approach, replacing the traditional linear one, we assess development over time.

Our circular approach

“Everything is connected and that is the whole point. SSO can deliver extremely relevant data. The more we know about the real needs of individual workplaces, the better EFG can help with furniture and furnishings that match the needs.”

Marcus Westdahl, Managing Director, European Furniture Group

Numbers are good, but deep insights are better. In this process, every voice matters.