Johanneberg Science Park Breakfast-seminar on Smart and Sustainable Offices

“Business costs are 90% staff-related, this is why the business case has to focus on the staff instead.” Furbish’s Ulrike Rahe talks to 200 members of Johanneberg Science Park network on build environment and introduces them to the SSO-approach.


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Sweden’s most beautiful office award

Initiated and organised by Swedish Property market branch organisation, a yearly award is given to Sweden’s most beautiful office. During the award ceremony 2016 in Grand Hotel Stockholm, game developer Dice received the first price for their Stockholm office. Furbish’s Ulrike Rahe was member of the jury that evaluated 72 nominated offices from all around the country.


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Accelerator Award 500 000 SEK

Furbish’s Ulrike Rahe received half a million Swedish crowns to identify opportunities to address the strategy of Climate-KIC and its themes for an innovative product-service system for improving offices perceived indoor climate. The Award indicates Climate-KIC’s aim to support the project to identify and validate the business model of the innovation opportunity.


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